2012 Los Angeles 13.1® Marathon Photo Contest Presented by Smugmug

Over 200,000 people want to see your work. Show it to them. The Los Angeles 13.1® Marathon Photo gives any photographer the chance to win $150 in cash and one year of SmugMug Pro for free (a $150 value). Enter now, and dazzle us with your photos!

Upload your photos by 11:59pm on 01/18/12

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How it Works

To enter the contest, upload your images by January 18th at 11:59pm. Then, help us pick the winner by commenting, Tweeting about and Facebook Liking your favorites, using the Twitter and FB icons under each image in the gallery. Voting will close January 27th, and then winners will be announced February 6th.
Judges from SmugMug and US Road Sports will take into consideration the comments, and number of Tweets and FB Likes in picking the winner.

Who May Enter

Anyone may enter save employees of Sponsors and their immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses, regardless of where they live) or persons living in the same households of such individuals, whether or not related, and parent companies. Affiliates and agents of Sponsors are not eligible to enter or win a prize.
Only 100 photos per entrant will be considered. Once submitted, an image can't be edited or re-uploaded. This contest is open to any photographer.


  • First Place: $150
  • 1 free year of SmugMug Pro ($150 value, not including bragging rights)
  • Entrance into USRS Grand Prize Photo Contest for chance to have your photo sent to more than 220,000 people!

Winner Selection

Staff members at SmugMug and US Road Sports will go through each of the submissions to see which best captures the “spirit of the endurance athlete” in a world-class US Road Sports event. One or more winners will be picked and publicly announced by email and social media on February 6th. Winners will then be contacted by email with information on how to collect their prize.
Only 100 photos per entrant will be considered. Once submitted, an image can't be edited or re-uploaded. This contest is open to any photographer.

How voting works

After you upload your image, share it with your friends and family! Anyone can "vote" for your image by commenting on it, or using the social media icons under the image to FB Like or Tweet it. Judges will consider how many comments, Tweets, and FB Likes an image receives in making their pick. Voting closes January 27th.

Contest Timeline

  • Uploading Closes: January18th at 11:59pm
  • Voting Closes: January 27th
  • Winners Announced: February 6th via email and social media

Folders and Galleries

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